Chateau de Chantore

The Garden

The Park Chantore is open to the public from 2.30pm to 6.30pm:

  • may 5th
  • june 8th-9th
  • everyday of july and august
  • september 21st-22nd

The rest of the year only on reservation (+33 6 74 30 66 64)

Magnificent park of 19 hectares in the heart of which nestles a castle of the eighteenth century. It is the lord of Chantore who built it in 1780 especially on this hill to admire the Mont-Saint-Michel, which is still visible from the Park today!

A romantic trip that will take you through exotic trees (Sequoia, Ginkgo biloba, Louisiana bald cypress, Tulip trees, Lebanon cedar …), the river, lakes and an exceptional set of 14 waterfalls, tower, bamboo jungles and rhododendron and camellias. While admiring the Mont-Saint-Michel! The cider apple orchards are still active and the frisians (black horses) gallop on the green lawns.



Adult: 7 €
Child (5 – 15 years) : free
Group (from 10 people): 5 € / adult

Guided tour (90 minutes) by appointment (from 12 people):
Adult: 10 €
Group (from 10 people): 8 € / adult

The visit of the park is offered to the guests staying at the castle or the cottage of the Orangerie.


The Animals

The park of Chantore is a wonderful home for many wild and domestic animals…